You must infiltrate the room of the captain of the spaceship of a race of robots that want to destroy your planet. For this you use your transmission skills for the computer networks that are located in the ship.

Developed for the Global Game Jam 2018.

Blind Odyssey

You take control of X-64 in his journey to find LiLi. Explore the ocean's depth in an environment full of darkness, and manage your way through using waves of light.

Developed for the Global Game Jam 2017.

Relatos del mas alla

First stage of the game, where one is a policeman trying to solve the mystery after the strange events of a haunted mansion in the city of ethereal.

Color It

You must choose the correct color to win more points, if you run out of time you lose.

Relatos del mas alla II

After discovering the mystery behind the events of the mansion, the player must follow the cause, to a mysterious cemetery, where the dead are rising like zombies.

Bomberos de Ambato

The firefighters of Ambato teach people to follow suggestions and care that they must follow to avoid a fire.

Recoge Globos

You must collect the most balloons that fall from the sky.